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The Kathryn Wheel: My Journaling DVDs.

Found this lady and her DVDs.  They looked great! I am super excited and want to order them!!!! I am trying to win two of them first from her blog.


Between all of the other summer fun (cleaning, visiting with people, general laziness) I have managed to spend some time getting my studio a little more organized. There is still a lot to do, but it is getting better. I have been working on my bead area lately and it is almost all organized and easy  to use. It is a great improvement after years of jumbled bins and not knowing exactly what I have. (Or how much of it there was!!!!!) I also found a pretty paisley rug to put under my desk. I will post pictures when I am finished.

I have been stamping too. Below are two cards I made last week. They were created following challenges on


Been Up To…

I have been making cards for design challenges and learning how to post them. Here are my first two. I have been trying to get some housework and other projects done using playing as my reward. Although today playing was the priority. I also have knit a lot this week and last on my owl hat and knitting bag and been trying to do some summer reading.

I finally got tired of  the big jumble of sheets towels in my guestroom closet. They were taking up too much room and I had to practically unfold the sheets completely in order to tell what size they were. So I took everything out and put them back, switching  the towels with the sheets and ordering them by size or purpose. This left a whole empty shelf for other things! I also made the nice little tags you see below to label the shelves so that when I wash and fold them I can put them right where they belong. Soooo much better!!!

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Father’s Day Fun

Below are the two cards I made last week for Father’s Day. The one with the truck was for my dad. All of the products used to make that card are from Stampin’ Up. The golfing card was for my father in law. As far as I know the golf themed stamps are part of an old Stampin’ Up set but I am not 100% sure since they were given to me. The dark green paper is from a pad I bought a while back on clearance at Michaels. I am not sure the brand. The jute string is a random piece from my string collection. The text is all hand written by me. Everything else is a Stampin’ Up product either old or current. I had fun making these cards. All of the stamps were new to me, some new from the company and some hand-me-downs.  They both liked their card!

Here are two cards I made for people retiring from my school.

Here is a card I made today. A few weeks ago I learned how to make an easel card. I thought I would start the summer off right with a funny camping themed card! It is hard to see from the picture that the bear is fuzzy. 

I will be posting more pictures of cards I have designed in the next few days.

My Little Patch of Creative

Here is my place to share creative ideas and adventures with you, my curious reader! I currently teach art at a middle school where every day, well actually every minute, is a new adventure. I enjoy sharing ideas and seeing what other people create with them. I love that you can put forth an idea and no two people will create the same exact thing from the same idea. Teaching and sharing is something I enjoy very much and have enjoyed since I was young. My friends and I used to play school and one summer we even gathered all the younger kids from the neighborhood to have “craft camp”. My ultimate goal is to teach small workshops for adults or teach college level art classes.

I also enjoy music and play fiddle/violin and mandolin. It is so fascinating to me  that it can be quiet, then one person begins to play, others join in and suddenly there is music filling the air.  To me music is one of those amazing things, like art, that just happens miraculously from within people. We visit a few music festivals each year and I love sitting around the campsite at night hearing and playing such a spontaneous wonder!

I found this site while browsing some stamping pages. These stamps are fun and cute! Just thought I would share!

eat cake graphics, an online rubber stamp and quilt pattern company.