Here is my place to share creative ideas and adventures with you, my curious reader! I currently teach art at a middle school where every day, well actually every minute, is a new adventure. I enjoy sharing ideas and seeing what other people create with them. I love that you can put forth an idea and no two people will create the same exact thing from the same idea. Teaching and sharing is something I enjoy very much and have enjoyed since I was young. My friends and I used to play school and one summer we even gathered all the younger kids from the neighborhood to have “craft camp”. My ultimate goal is to teach small workshops for adults or teach college level art classes.

I also enjoy music and play fiddle/violin and mandolin. It is so fascinating to me  that it can be quiet, then one person begins to play, others join in and suddenly there is music filling the air.  To me music is one of those amazing things, like art, that just happens miraculously from within people. We visit a few music festivals each year and I love sitting around the campsite at night hearing and playing such a spontaneous wonder!